Stage 2, Follow-on Milk, 6-12 Months

Baby&Me Organic First Infant Milk

Stage 2, Follow-on Milk, 6-12 Months


Why choose organic

Our products are made from organic milk. We choose 100% organic milk to make our baby milk, which is free of artificial agricultural pesticides and chemicals. 

We take extra steps to be closer to nature by sourcing our milk from organic farms that meet strict EU certification standards. Whenever possible, the cows on these farms graze free range, outdoors on grass that is free from artificial fertilisers and pesticides.

This organic farming provides additional standards of sustainability which are sensitive to the environment, animal welfare and local wildlife.

Our Products

Going further to be closer to nature

Baby&Me Organic

We’ve been making baby milk in Scandinavia for over 30 years, combining our expertise with our love of organic, natural goodness. Just like you, going the extra mile for our little ones comes naturally.

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